I accepted my first cinematographic experience with Al-Nasiri… and criticism does not scare me

Moroccan artist and director Said Naciri began filming his new film, “Nayda”, with the participation of a group of leading artistic faces and new Moroccans. Like rising actor Mohsen Nashet, who chose to change his career path from soccer fields to filming locations and the seventh art.

In an interview with the electronic newspaper Hespress, Mohsen Nashet talks about the scenarios of his foray into the world of acting and the details of his incarnation of the leading role and the fate of his football career.

How did the idea of ​​your participation in the movie “Nayda” come about?

The beginning of my participation in the work came when announcing the “casting”, in which I went to participate to try my luck. A week after the casting, the director Saeed Al-Nasiri contacted me to say that he had accepted the audition and that he had to come to find out the details and read the script with the staff.

After meeting him, her only condition was diligence and training for the role in order to master it well; Because cinema is not television or sitcoms. After that, I took my time getting into the character and training with a professional trainer for the part, and then we proceeded to shoot the opening scenes.

Tell us about the details of the role you will play.

In the work I play the role of a young man named “Kamal”, who has many high certificates; However, he lives unemployed and does not find the opportunity to join the labor market despite his efficiency and high academic level, after which events take place in a dramatic social way.

I was very happy to embody this character, which I liked a lot and touched me personally; Because it brought back previous memories that I lived in my life and suffered.

How were the shooting conditions?

The filming went through somewhat difficult circumstances; The play was embraced by white economic capital, and the shooting location was between the Maarif neighborhood and “Al-Karyan”, which was very difficult for us to shoot inside, because the environment there is very popular… But each experience that a person goes through is important and benefits from it in his life.

Did your friendship with Saeed Naciri help you land the lead role?

Saeed Al-Nasiri is my teacher and I have a close friendship with him. I also have the utmost respect and appreciation for him, and he is very strict at work. When we met, when I told him about my passion for acting, he advised me to train and study theater; Because professionalism in football is not professional in acting, so I followed his advice.

In answer to your question, Al-Nasiri does not involve personal life in professional life; Apart from the friendship that unites us, he gave me a leading role, because he believes in my high abilities and my talent to bring the character to the hearts of the viewers.

How was your treatment on the set?

His treatment of me at court was harsh; He was constantly directing me notes and advising me if he made a mistake to come out in the image he wanted and give the best of me, especially since playing the leading role is not an easy thing.

After entering the art world, what is the fate of your football career, which became known to the public?

Earlier this year, I chose to focus entirely on the artistic field, and there are new jobs in singing and acting. I am also very happy to see the Moroccan public through the door of the cinema and in a professional work that includes a group of the brightest Moroccan stars; Like Rafik Boubacar, Elham, Aziz, Said Naciri and others.

Regarding my football career, there is a decision that I made recently and decided, but I prefer not to announce it at this time for personal reasons.

What is your position in the face of criticism that affects you?

Criticism doesn’t scare me; It is what made me decide to reach my goals and move forward on the path of success, and I face them positively and even take advantage of them to develop myself further.