Fathallah Al-Maghari’s body is buried in Rabat

Fathallah Al-Maghari's body is buried in Rabat
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Sunday 4 September 2022 – 19:32

The funeral of the late artist Fathallah Al-Maghari took place today, Sunday, in Rabat, after he passed away last night at the age of 82, after suffering from an illness.

After the afternoon prayers and the funeral in the Mosque of the Martyrs, the body of the deceased was transferred to his final resting place, where he was buried in the cemetery of the martyrs, in the presence of a group of personalities from the field of art. , media and politics.

Several artists and friends of the deceased considered, in press releases, that “the national artistic panorama has lost one of its pillars in the field of singing and composition, which was one of the first generations of artists who left outstanding traces in history. of the Moroccan song at the beginning of the sixties of the last century”.

The artists unanimously described the deceased, who is one of the pioneers and founders of the Moroccan song, as “the creative artist who had great morals and was a model for the Moroccan national artist, who rendered great services to the authentic Moroccan song and he dedicated his life to refined and purposeful art.”

In this context, the artist, Mohamed Al-Ghawi, said: “The deceased was of a gentle character, because he loved to do good, and he helped artists who began their artistic career, a name that will not be repeated in history. of Moroccan song,” noting that national and family occasions were often filled with the singing of Fatah Dios Maghari songs; Especially Nidaa Al-Hassan.

The artist, Noureddine El-Tantawy, a former member of the National Choir, distributor and composer, considered that “the late artistic treasure includes an enormous number of works, and most of the sung Moroccan song symbols belong to the late artistic repertoire. “

Fathallah Maghri, born in Fez in 1940, is a composer, lyricist and singer, his artistic career preserves works immortalized by the memory of the national song.

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