Editing tweets after posting… the “Twitter” platform is testing a new feature

Editing tweets after publication. Platform "Twitter" Testing a new feature
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Sunday 4 September 2022 – 13:16

The social networking platform “Twitter” revealed the start of testing of the edit button that allows users to edit the tweets they post on the platform, a feature that the company has been developing since last year.

“If an edited Tweet appears, it is because we are testing an edit button… this will happen and everything will be fine,” the platform wrote in an online message.

The Edit button allows users to edit their Tweets within the first 30 minutes of posting. After editing, an icon, time, and tag will appear letting readers know the tweet has been edited, and when they click the edit tag, the date the tweet was edited and previous versions will appear. of the same

“Editing goes beyond correcting typos,” said Jay Sullivan, Twitter’s general manager of revenue and consumer products. It eases the pressure on the user while tweeting, especially for users who don’t tweet often…This is one of many features we’re exploring to help people join global conversations on their own terms.”

The Twitter team is testing the new feature internally and this test will initially expand to include paid Twitter Blue subscribers later this month. Twitter Blue, which costs $5 per month, allows users to undo tweets and not show ads when reading posts.

Twitter users have been asking for years to add an edit button, but Jack Dorsey, CEO at the time and co-founder of Twitter, said in 2020 that it would never be appropriate to add an edit button to the platform.

Last April, Twitter confirmed the start of development of an editing feature, a few days after US billionaire Elon Musk announced a deal to buy the company for about $44 billion, a deal that later fell through.

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