A policeman uses a gun to arrest criminals in Al-Bayda

A policeman uses a gun to arrest criminals in Al-Bayda
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Sunday 4 September 2022 – 15:20

In the early hours of Sunday, a police employee working in the Moulay Rachid security area in Casablanca was forced to use his functional weapon as a warning; And that was during a security intervention to stop a group of people who were in a hurry, and exposed the safety of citizens and the safety of the police to a serious and dangerous threat by using a knife.

Hespress sources indicated that a police patrol would have intervened to arrest the suspects who were arrested in connection with the exchange of violence on public roads; However, they met the policemen with violent resistance using knives, throwing stones and instigating ferocious dogs, forcing a patrolling policeman to use his functional weapon and fire warning shots that prevented the danger arising from this attack. .

The same sources added that this intervention was followed by intense security operations on the ground, which resulted in the arrest of three suspects, aged between 20 and 29, two of whom had criminal records, in addition to the arrest of four ferocious faction dogs and the seizure of a group of knives and sticks used in this assault.

It should be noted that the suspects were kept in custody under the supervision of the investigation, which is in charge of the Judicial Police Division under the supervision of the competent Public Ministry; In order to determine all the circumstances and circumstances surrounding the commission of these criminal acts.

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