The absence of smuggled goods from occupied Melilla plunges the markets of the city of Nador into stagnation

After four years of preventing smuggling at border crossings, the commercial markets of the city of Nador have not been able to withstand the economic crisis caused by the pandemic, given the drop in demand for goods and consumer products due to the deterioration of purchasing power of the citizen.

According to the testimonies of professionals from both the commercial complex and the “Awlad Maimon” market, the Nador markets no longer tempt Moroccan visitors, as a result of the disappearance of contraband goods from the Bank of Spain, which restricted the economic boom. for residents of local areas only.

The summer holidays contributed to the important recovery of the commercial movement in the markets of the city of Nador, according to the merchants, who pointed out “the high prices of clothing and consumer products during the current year, which caused a weak demand unlike in previous years.”

Trader Rashid, with whom Hespress met, stated that “the era of smuggling is officially over in the north and therefore smuggled products are no longer available in local markets as before.”

The same spokesman added: “The goods and products that are offered in the markets of Nador are found in the markets of the main cities, such as Casablanca, Marrakech, Agadir and Fez”, and pointed out that “the visitor cannot acquire the products that offered in Nador at the price you see in other cities”.

The same trader added that “visitors to the Ouled Maimon market are from the areas surrounding the city of Nador, since the city is no longer a destination for Moroccans looking for cheap contraband goods”, stressing that “goods from smuggling are scarce after the tightening of controls on the border between Morocco and Spain”.

While Mohamed, a merchant in the commercial complex of the city of Nador, affirmed that “the stagnation has engulfed the city since the end of the smuggling of livelihoods by the Moroccan State”, considering that “the pandemic has contributed, to its time, to aggravate the social situation. conditions of merchants who struggle to make a living”.

The same trader continues, “However, the city of Nador has witnessed a notable commercial recovery during the summer, following the arrival in the country of the Moroccan community residing abroad”, noting that “prices doubled in the last year due to the impact of the pandemic”.