Russian company stops exporting gas to Europe

Russian company stops exporting gas to Europe
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Saturday 3 September 2022 – 12:16

The Russian gas company Gazprom implemented today, Saturday, what was announced the previous day regarding the suspension of gas pumping to Europe through the Nord Stream line until further notice, and this occurs after this morning it stopped resuming exports, according to the data of the Russian company.

In this way, Gazprom, which controls the gas pipeline linking Russia with Germany under the Baltic Sea, has complied yesterday with its announcement that it will completely cut off gas pumping through Nord Stream due to an oil leak with a mixture of sealing compound into the sensor cable ports.

The Russian Gas Company had promised, before stopping the gas pipeline for three days for these tasks, to resume supply to Europe this morning at 04:00 Moscow time (0:00 GMT) at previous levels, that is, , at 20 percent of its capacity or 33 million cubic meters per day, which it did not do on the grounds that the oil leak did not guarantee safe exploitation.

At the same time, he stressed that the complete elimination of oil leaks in the turbines “can only be done” in a specialized workshop, referring to the German supplier Siemens.

However, the German company confirmed that there are no technical reasons to stop gas pumping, as this type of leak does not usually affect the operation of the turbine.

The European Union also does not trust the reason for the stoppage of gas pumping, calling it a “fallacy”.

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