Getting rid of “Corona restrictions” brings me back to TV with a new character

After her success in the interpretation of many diverse roles in film and television and her imprint on a successful artistic career, Moroccan actress Najat El Ouafi returns to her Moroccan audience through a new series entitled “Judia”, which will be will air on Channel One and features a bevy of the brightest stars on the art scene.

In an interview with the electronic newspaper “Hespress”, Najat Al-Wafi reveals the details of his television series, the new character he plays, his work with Ibtisam Al-Arousi and other things.

Tell us about your participation in the series “Judia”, which will be broadcast on Canal Uno.

It is a drama series directed by Safaa Baraka and produced by the “Disconnected” company in the person of Khaled Al-Naqri.

We are closer to the role you embody.

I embody a new character, as I mentioned before, a character who is very strict, but with the sequence of events, the Moroccan viewer will find an explanation for all the things Fatuma does in the Joudia series.

How were the working conditions with Ibtisam Al-Arousi, especially since both share the working championship?

I am very happy to work with Ibtisam Al-Arousi, especially because she has a beautiful spirit, which made the filming conditions take place in a very calm environment, accompanied by the entire work team, whom I have the greatest respect and appreciation for.

What is the reason for the absence of the Moroccan theater?

It was not an absence to be a comeback, it is true that the last drama I participated in was in 2019 entitled “Cloudy Eyes”, but that was only due to the Corona pandemic, which negatively affected all fields, including the world of television and cinema, and paralyzed the artistic movement.

Recently, their interest and focus has increased more on social media platforms, so what is the reason?

I took as much interest as possible to keep in constant contact with my fans through social networks to share with them my new artistic activities and what I do, and this has become a necessity in the life of the artist today.

Najat Al-Wafi and the world of presentation

I love the public, the stage and live encounters, that’s why I don’t hesitate to meet the public, either through the small screen, the cinema or presenting programs and festivals.