Forest fires trigger evacuation of Germany’s highest mountain

Forest fires trigger evacuation of Germany's highest mountain
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Saturday 3 September 2022 – 20:40

A forest fire broke out again on top of Mount Brocken; The highest mountain in Germany is located in the Harz region.

Those in the mountainous region popular with tourists were evacuated after the fire broke out in the forests on the summit, which reaches a height of 1,141 meters, and the area was cleared of those in it.

A spokeswoman for the city of “Vernigerode” said that “hikers and hikers will be bussed to safe locations due to the presence of thick smoke in the area,” noting that “the evacuation process will continue into the evening.”

At the top there is a hotel and a train station, and its corridors are known for their narrowness, while the city council announced that “the fire has not yet been controlled”.

The council added that the firefighting teams faced problems in their work due to the inability of the firefighting teams to pass through the narrow corridors, and the assembly of forces has not yet been completed.

A firefighting helicopter from the Saxony-Anhalt State Police is currently on site to support the fire services.

Wernigerode spokeswoman Ariane Hoffmann said the Lower Saxony state and Federal Police had ordered two additional helicopters.

According to the same spokeswoman, she does not know the size of the area where the fires are developing, adding that “many places on fire were monitored through aerial reconnaissance.”

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