Afghani wins UFC under the Moroccan flag

Afghan victories "cfu" Under the Moroccan flag
Image: social networking sites

Saturday 3 September 2022 – 22:47

The Afghan fighter, Nusrat Haqprast, achieved victory over his Canadian opponent, John McDesi, on Saturday night at the “UFC” in Paris, in which he played under the flag of the Kingdom of Morocco.

Haqprast defeated his opponent, Makdisi, in the mixed wrestling championship lightweight competition, by decision of the arbitration, which favored the “Moroccan representative” in this fight.

In a statement, after the end of the fight, the Afghan fighter said that he “thanks King Mohammed VI for his support and patronage until the coronation of this title”, adding: “Thank you, sir, for your support; And may God bless you”.

Regarding the match, Haqprast said, “It was a really tough fight against a strong opponent. Thank you for this wonderful fight after I came to the ring after a long absence.”

The Afghan fighter had previously announced his representation of Morocco in this match after the organizers refused to play him with the Afghan flag, and confirmed that Morocco helped him a lot in training, stating that “the decision was made based on the fact that he is a Muslim and that he cannot represent another country,” adding: “I would like to thank Morocco in my own way, fighting this fight and dedicating it to all Moroccans based on their support.”

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