The absence of the drug “Depakine” on the shelves of pharmacies threatens patients with epilepsy in Morocco

Great discontent expressed by a group of Moroccan families whose children suffer from epilepsy due to the absence of some medications recommended by doctors in pharmacies.

Several citizens were surprised by the absence of epilepsy drugs in pharmacies and the arduous journey to find them, however, disappointment awaits them.

In this regard, Kamal Al-Idrisi, one of the parents of children with epilepsy who spoke to the online newspaper Hespress, said that he suffers with many parents due to the absence of the drug “Depakine” in pharmacies.

He explained that families with members infected with this disease have been in an unenviable position for quite some time due to the discontinuation of this drug.

Hespress visited some pharmacies in Casablanca to find out about this drug, but the pharmacists confirmed its suspension for a time, without specifying the reasons.

Parents of some Pelipsi patients pointed out that the withdrawal of this drug from pharmacies must be accompanied by the identification of a similar drug, given the difficulty of the disease.

This chronic neurological disease causes an increase in electrical charges in the brain, leading to seizures and fainting, sometimes of varying severity.

On the occasion of the National Day to Fight Epilepsy, which is celebrated on February 8 each year, the Moroccan League for the Control of Epilepsy confirmed that the number of people infected with this disease exceeds 400,000 people in Morocco.