Tetouan prepares for the school season… and a community college that enhances the educational offer

Preparations and arrangements are in full swing for a successful school entry in all the educational institutions of the Regional Directorate of Tetouan, either through the rehabilitation processes of the educational space and its internal departments, or through the appointment of new teachers of according to an educational structure that takes into account the criteria set by the criminal ministry, mainly related to the phenomenon of overcrowding in treatment.

In this context, Fouad Oradi, Regional Director of the Ministry of National Education, Initial Education and Sports in Tetouan, explained that the educational offer, on the occasion of the start of the current school season, has been “reinforced with a new communal school according to a modern structure, with the aim of setting up school units on the land of the rural community in Kreish”.

The same regional official added, in statements to Hespress, that within the framework of the efforts made by the guardianship ministry to improve the educational offer in the region, especially with regard to expanding the network of community schools, the Dar Benqarish community is witnessing the opening of a new community school during the current school season.

The new educational complex includes, according to the same speaker, a unit for primary education, a school canteen, sports fields, as well as a multimedia room and a library, as well as a room for teachers, emphasizing that this educational facility “will contribute and provide qualitative added value at the level of profitability, as well as educational quality at the group level.

Oradi stressed that this new community school “will join other facilities and educational institutions that will raise the level of student performance, and will play a positive role in the formation of school units to combat some phenomena, especially school waste.”

Muhammad Al-Habi, the father of a student from the Benqreish community, told Hespress about the community residents’ joy at the creation of this community school, saying, “It will play an important role in ending the suffering of students from the rural community with transportation, as well as the distance from the academic achievement classes”.

Al-Habti recalled several problems that hampered the schooling of rural girls in the community, hoping that this new structure will constitute a strong impetus to overcome obstacles, combat disruption and raise the population’s development indicators.

For her part, Hanan, the mother of a student, expressed her joy that the ordeal of her liver and of the students in the group ended with the creation of this school, noting that “students used to travel long distances before reaching the classrooms , and the problems that accompany it”.

The same mother explained to Hespress that the fitting out of this new space “will end the suffering of a large segment of families, as well as interrupt the phenomena of school waste and abandonment of school chairs,” noting that “students used to get up early to go to school and are late when they return home, which is what is going to be brought forward this year.”