Sports riots implicated 12 people in Oujda

Sports riots implicated 12 people in Oujda
Photo: Hespress

Friday 2 September 2022 – 11:25

On Thursday night, Oujda security police officers arrested 12 people, including four minors, on suspicion of involvement in sports-related riots, possession of narcotics and psychotropic substances, and attacking other people’s homes.

According to the preliminary information of the investigation, the suspects accompanied the fan faction to the city of Oujda to follow a football match, but caused disturbances in a residential neighborhood and subjected two people to violence, in addition to inflicting material losses. to a residential store.

The immediate interventions of the police patrols resulted in the arrest of those involved in the disturbances and the seizure of narcotic pills in the possession of one of them, suspected of being used for anesthetic purposes and perpetrator of acts of violence.

The detainees of legal age were kept under the measure of theoretical custody, while the detainees under age were placed under the measure of probation, under the surveillance of the investigation supervised by the competent Public Ministry, in order to clarify all the circumstances and circumstances of this case, as well as identify all the criminal acts attributed to the interested parties.

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