Marcelo signs for the Greek Olympiacos

Marcelo joins the club "Olympiacos" Greek
Image: social networking sites

Saturday 3 September 2022 – 00:03

Brazilian winger Marcelo, who played for Real Madrid for the last 16 years, continues his professional career at Greek club Olympiacos.

The club announced in a statement, on Friday night, the signing of the 34-year-old player, without specifying the period of validity of his new contract.

And Marcelo, who played for Real Madrid from 2006 until last season, has a very solid track record in that period.

The Brazilian won 25 titles with Real, including 5 in the Champions League, 6 in La Liga, 4 in the Club World Cup and 3 in the European Super Cup, according to his new team.

Marcelo, who scored 38 goals for Real Madrid, played 58 games with the Brazilian team that called him up in the 2014 and 2018 World Cup finals.

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