The unions are waiting for the discussion with the Ministry of Education on the Basic Law for Educational Personnel

The educational unions are waiting for the invitation of the Minister of National Education, Primary Education and Sports, Chakib Benmoussa, to deliberate again on the new basic law for education employees, betting that the general structure of this basic law will come out before the end of this month and start discussing your detailed articles.

The unions want the new law to enter into force in 2023, to avoid delays that could lead to the “refrigerator” of many agreements accumulated at the ministry table, among which promotions stand out, and the statute of “framework academies”. , one of the most important frustrating points of the exit of the law.

The sessions this September are dedicated to finalizing the guidelines of the statute, in order to then move towards the final formulation of the contents that will be presented to employees in the future.

Chakib Benmoussa is waiting for the final consultations with the unions on the new statute and the financial commitments it will include to transfer the summaries to the government, and hopes to answer them within the finance law next year.

Several controversial files are still under consultation between the education unions and the ministry in charge of the sector, where the “Benmoussa Ministry” clings to dialogue to reach common solutions, while the unions concerned adhere to immediate financial and administrative solutions. .

Abd al-Razzaq al-Idrisi, national secretary general of the National University of Education (Democratic Orientation), said that the dialogue has no date until the time limits, but it was agreed earlier in early September, noting that what is expected will be determined within the next two days.

Al-Idrisi added, in a statement to Hespress, that many new files will be on the table and workers will start the new school year on the impact of the protest.

In the same context, the same union leader indicated that the cuts that affect the salary of teachers hired without reason are also a main point of discussion, in addition to the trial of 70 teachers, 10 of whom are on appeal, their file will be opened. again this September.

Younis Farashin, general secretary of the National Union of Education, affiliated with the Democratic Confederation of Labor, confirmed that the deadline for unions to leave the general structure of the Basic Law is the end of this month of September, after which Item details will be known and discussed.

Frashin explained, in statements to Hespress, that the year 2023 should be the year of the entry into force of the Basic Law, pointing out that the meetings of the Technical Committee have not yet begun during this month, and the invitation to it until the time is absent, adding that “the sessions take place in a context charged with education”.

The same union leader rejected the continuation of deductions from the salary of contracted teachers, demanding that this step be corrected and that all promotion fees pending since 2019, in addition to presenting the results of last year’s professional exam.