The ‘Schalke’ prevents Harith from going to England

"Schalke" This prevents Harith from moving to England.
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Thursday 1 September 2022 – 04:16

The chances of Moroccan international Amin Harith, the average of German football club “Schalke 04”, are slim to sign for Leicester City during the current summer transfer window, after negotiations between the two sides reached a dead end. exit.

English media reports indicated that Leicester City expressed their desire to benefit from Harith’s services on loan for one season, with the possibility of buying his contract next summer, at a time when the German club Schalke 04 rejected this proposal. .

According to the same sources, the ‘Royal Blue’ insists on giving up Harith by selling his contract permanently in the current summer ‘Mercato’, which Leicester City does not want, which means that the Moroccan international’s chances go to the Premier English League this month. thin summer.

The same sources also indicated that the president of the French club Marseille is preparing to surprise the clubs that want to sign Harith, interfering and buying his contract from Schalke 04 in the last days of the current summer “Mercato”, after the player defended the shirt of the representative of the south of France last season on loan.

It is striking that Amin Harith, 25, is out of the accounts of the German club Schalke 04 during the next period, and many clubs are looking to buy his contract, but the great economic value that the German team demands is the only obstacle for these . clubs today.

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