The efforts of the gendarmerie dismantle a gang in Sidi Bibi

The efforts of the gendarmerie dismantle a gang in Sidi Bibi
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Wednesday, August 31, 2022 – 03:33

An ambush of the gendarmerie interests of the Sidi Bibi filth center, affiliated with the Beukri company, Chtouka Ait Baha province, managed to arrest six people on suspicion of being involved in cases related to robbery with violence and possession and distribution of drugs chira.

The arrest of two people on suspicion of robbery with violence occurred after an ambush carried out by gendarmerie elements under the direct supervision of the commander of the filth center, after two people were subjected to physical attacks coupled with robbery in two separate operations , after knowing their identities. They were discovered in a short period of time.

The scoring of the detainees revealed that they have multiple judicial precedents for attacking passers-by and stealing their belongings under the threat of using knives. The stolen items were recovered after they confronted the victims, whom they easily recognized.

In another security operation, the same gendarmerie arrested four people, with criminal records, for possession and distribution of contraband, at the local Sidi Bibi community center.

This came after information obtained by the gendarmerie that a suspicious person was at the center of the group, whose search revealed that he had more than a kilogram of chira, before preliminary investigations with him led to the ambush of three other promoters, who were arrested, respectively.

These security operations are part of an extensive security campaign carried out by the newly appointed commander of the Gendarmerie filth center in Sidi Bibi, where gendarmerie interests launch proactive campaigns day and night to curb all manifestations of crime. in the region, despite extensive territorial influence. of the center and the limited human and logistical capacities.

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