Police arrest protesters in Casablanca

Police arrest protesters in Casablanca
Image: Archive

Wednesday, August 31, 2022 – 01:18

On Tuesday, police in Casablanca’s Rahma security area managed to arrest eight people, including three minors between the ages of 16 and 17; This is because they are suspected of being involved in the exchange of violence, throwing stones and causing material loss to the property of others.

And the police interests of the city of Casablanca had received a notice about the participation of a group of people affiliated with factions that support football clubs in the exchange of violence and the throwing of stones and material losses at a car that was parked on the main street of the city. Al-Rahma neighborhood, which necessitated the intervention of police patrols, which were able to arrest eight of the suspects, shortly after the commission of these criminal acts.

The adult suspects were placed in theoretical custody, while the minor detainees were kept under surveillance, at the disposal of the judicial investigation supervised by the competent Public Ministry; In order to reveal all the circumstances, circumstances and background of this case, as well as the arrest of all collaborators and participants in the commission of these criminal acts.

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