I will put a special imprint on the Moroccan team after the World Cup

The Royal Moroccan Football Federation officially announced, on Wednesday night, the designation of the coaching staff, Walid Regragui, as the national voter of the “Lions of the Atlas” until 2026.

Regragui, in his new assignment at the head of the Moroccan first team, is accompanied by a coaching staff made up, in particular, of former international players Rachid Benmhamoud and Gharib Amzine.

In the coaching staff of the Moroccan team are also Omar Al-Harraq in the training of shooting guards, and Edu González in physical preparation; Waiting for another expert to take the same responsibility with him.

In interaction with the press during his presentation, the new voter said that he knows what he wants from the team and the desired performance of the players, thanking the former voter, Vahid Halilhodzic, for qualifying Morocco for the 2022 World Cup.

Regraki added that Moroccan internationals are called to fight and do their best to be in the Moroccan team, and that he will pass on his psychological motivation to those who will be called up to the Moroccan team to achieve positive results.

The new coach considered that the players know what is required of them, and said that he had contacted several of them a few days ago, and that the consensus is not to go to the World Cup to settle for the group stage meetings. especially since the Moroccan public demands achievements that make everyone happy.

“When the call of the homeland arrives, there is no place for vacations, and the University of Morocco’s commitment to me will fulfill my dream of coaching this team, whose jersey I wore, especially since my generation did not write for it. be in the world It is a dream that I carried as a player and I will achieve it as a coach”, adds Walid Regraki.

Asked about the presence of Hamdallah and Ziyech in the team, Regraki said: “There is no difference between one player and another. I accept any Moroccan as long as the level they offer is the best, but I lean towards those.” who give the added bonus and consider the Moroccan team great for individual performances”.

The new national voter stressed that the Moroccan team is among the best African soccer players, and the goal is linked to the continuation of the work so that Moroccan soccer is among the greats worldwide, and that this great ambition requires daily work between The Supervision of the staff of the first team and the Royal Moroccan University of football.

“I am obliged to present the squad of the national team next Sunday, and I have a short-term goal in the World Cup, and therefore I cannot change the entire team or go into experiments that may not be successful, but I will put my own imprint. after the World Cup in Qatar”, Yazid Rakraki in his interaction with questions from the press.

It should be noted that Regragui’s appointment occurs three months before the participation of the Moroccan team in the “Qatar 2022” World Cup, and its competition in Group F with the teams of Belgium, Canada and Croatia.