An increase in the cost of school supplies and employees reveal the “lack of ministerial decisions”

“Low attendance in general” and bookstores dedicated to the sale of books, notebooks and other school supplies whose shelves are still waiting for students and their parents to acquire what they need during the school entrance, which is a few days after its start. ride and registration. lessons; This was the panorama in the capital, Rabat, after a field tour by Hespress.

According to multiple testimonies from parents and guardians of students obtained by the electronic newspaper Hespress from them in more than one library and space for the sale of books and school supplies, the majority have gone in the direction of the consensus that “the increases in the prices of textbooks, including those subject to the approval and conformity of the interests of the Ministry of National Education, I witnessed an increase”, which is the same fact confirmed by the owner and director of a bookstore in Rabat.

The same rise affected most school supplies, such as pens, notebooks and bags, even calculators and school supplies of various sizes and shapes, whose price remained stable until recently, touched by the flames of the price hike.

Purchasing power

The mother of one of the students who studies in private education, complained in statements to Hespress about what she described as “the high costs of school books, especially those that are printed outside of Morocco and are imported, as well as the costs special for the students. registration and insurance, burdening families whose purchasing power has already eroded throughout the year.” The last few months”, denouncing what is like “the taming with these increases in many social circles”.

The parent of another student told Hespress, “We saw an increase from last year for some books and school supplies, but state-subsidized books stayed at about the same price as last year,” before to present a claim to officials in this sector that they take into account the purchasing power of citizens affected by the weight and succession of crises, especially the circumstances of school admission that follow the days of summer vacations and witness the accumulation of multiple costs.

Rachid Hossi, treasurer of the Association of Independent Writers of Morocco, went in a statement to the online newspaper Hespress to justify this increase in the prices of school supplies and some imported private education books, with which “the cost of production, especially The prices of raw materials, especially paper, have increased steadily due to the repercussions of the Covid-19 crisis, as well as the Russo-Ukrainian war, which was reflected in transportation and logistics costs globally.”

Hossi, who works as a business officer in one of Rabat’s bookshops on Allal bin Abdullah street, said “some scribes throughout the Kingdom also complain about the lack of some ministerial curricula and curricula that are still in distribution or printing process. ”, highlighting that “their prices were not modified after the activation of government support for publishers”.

Despite the “delays” in the distribution or printing of some ministerial decisions, the same speaker assured all citizens and parents of students that the rest of the books will be available soon, noting that notaries constitute “the weakest link in the framework of publishing and bookstore”. system.”

raw Materials

The owner of a library in the Yacoub Al-Mansour neighborhood of Rabat walked in the direction of confirming the increases in most school supplies, citing notebooks, for example, and said: “Any publication related to paper, it is natural know the price. of an increase”, before confirming your enrollment an increase in French courses ranging from between 10 and 15 dirhams.

As for the various school supplies (such as pens and others), the spokesperson explained to Hespress that there is a “slight” increase in products from recognized brands, attributing the high price to “customs tariffs and the impact of the world market.” crisis.” An employee of another library in the center of the capital, Rabat, attributed these increases to factors related to “the lack of the imported product, and the quality of the paper that undergoes laboratory tests”, as well as “the high raw material prices” materials such as ink, paper and the types of dyes used in some tools”.

And the Moroccan Association of Writers had previously registered these increases, in a statement seen by Hespress, saying that “government support was limited to the public education book, while the imported book approved for private education, the primary education book , tools, wallets, notebooks and other requirements, were not covered by any government support, but have suffered a significant and costly increase for the parents of the students”.

The same association also indicated that the current 2022-2023 school admission will see a “significant price increase”, despite the fact that the government allocated a large financial allocation of 105 million dirhams to support textbook publishers, and highlighted its spokesperson, at the weekly symposium. after the governing advice, the Any increase in the price of the books will be treated with the required rigor.

imported book

The head of the Administrative Council of the Moroccan Association of Writers, Abdelaziz Kawthar, previously told Hespress that “the next entry to school will be difficult”, announcing a large increase in the prices of school supplies for months, at rates ranging from 40 and 110 percent “in light of the monopoly of the market and the exploitation of the situation.”

In his statement, Abdel Aziz Kawthar recorded what he described as “concerns today about how to convince parents about this increase in light of the government’s announcement that there will be no price increase and the lack of clarification that the matter concerns only to the issued ministerial textbook. by the Curriculum Department, and it is about 386 titles.” ​​“.

He continued: “The citizen hears that there is no increase in books, and this refers to the price of books in public schools, but the problem is school supplies; For example, a 50-page notebook, whose price went from three dirhams to five dirhams.

It should be noted that the association criticized the absence of “regulating the price of imported books scheduled in private schools, which defines an increase for each new school season between 5 and 25 percent for most importers”, raising prices demands to “the guardians of the sector”. intervene to support the Moroccan library in its difficult situation and protect it from randomness and mismanagement, to protect local economic security within the framework of the region project, to preserve social and school peace, since the library is a companion essential element in the Moroccan school.