Trade unionists demand a participatory approach to reform workshops in the taxi sector

Given the “serious conditions in the sector”, a group of union entities in the taxi sector called for a protest in the city of Casablanca, next Thursday, in order to demand that the Ministry of the Interior modify the content of the recent patrols issued on the regulation of “taxi permits”.

The trade union bodies representing the taxi sector in the Casablanca-Settat region announced the organization of a protest in front of the state headquarters, due to the “deterioration” of conditions in the sector in recent years, calling for professional drivers to receive more government attention. .

The same bodies, in a joint statement, criticized “the ministerial decisions related to the regulation of the scope of fines”, considering them “unilateral and not covered by social dialogue”. He also stressed that these patrols contribute to the “displacement of professional drivers and their families.”

The Ministry of the Interior issued a new newspaper that included the procedures for transferring taxi licenses from one beneficiary to another, with the aim of severing their inheritance and continuing to exploit them after the death of the original beneficiaries.

The Ministry of the Interior seeks to break with the inheritance of taxi licenses after the death of the original beneficiaries; It stated that the possibility of licensing the resumption of the exploitation of the license after the death of the beneficiary is essentially subject to a special license, prior presentation and study of the applications submitted in this regard and decision on them.

Commenting on the protest movement, Mustapha El Kaihel, secretary general of the Moroccan Democratic Federation of Transport, said that “the sector is experiencing difficult conditions due to the government’s lack of interest in it,” noting that the pandemic has caused “a deterioration in the conditions of professionals after the rise in fuel prices”.

Al-Kahil added, in statements to the Hespress electronic newspaper, that “the Ministry of the Interior issued a series of newspapers on taxi permits, without any social negotiation with the unions, which caused them to unload them unilaterally.”

And he added: “The Ministry of the Interior should gradually cancel the permit licenses to avoid these problems”, and pointed out that “the driver continues to be the only victim of these patrols that do not take into account their precarious social conditions after spending many years in this work.”