The dismissal of local authority officials increases the chaos in the Oval Streets

The city of Casablanca has once again witnessed a great proliferation of street vendors and carts in various streets and neighborhoods, before the blind eye of local authorities and the limitation of their presence.

Today, many provinces are aware of the proliferation of trailers and vendors that put citizens to sleep, not to mention the spread of waste and noise caused by these vendors, as well as the fights that break out between them.

Transit in some neighborhoods of the economic capital became difficult, given the growing phenomenon of street vendors and carts; This requires the collective council to move to reduce them and create model markets.

Citizens in various neighborhoods of Casablanca, especially in popular neighborhoods such as Mohammedi neighborhood, Al-Falah neighborhood, Dar Laman and Al-Ulfa near Hajj Fateh and others, complain about the growing phenomenon, calling on local authorities to intervene to stop it. chaos.

Many wheelwrights and street vendors took the opportunity that many local authority men were concerned with the transitional movement between leaders and pashas, ​​to spread into various provinces and neighborhoods.

At the level of social networks, the people of Casablanca demanded that the authorities move at the level of the workers of the canton of Casablanca to free the public domain from these street vendors and rickshaws that contribute to the chaos and crowding in the streets.

Those affected also asked the Capital Economic Council to open the typical nearby markets closed to these vendors, in order to organize them and reduce chaos.

State authorities in the Casablanca-Settat region had previously launched campaigns to free the public domain; However, its decline in the recent period has caused the phenomenon to notably spread again in several neighborhoods and streets.