Moroccan schools receive students next Monday… and these are the preparations for the new season

The study will begin on Monday, September 5, in various public and private schools in Morocco, according to official data obtained by Hespress.

academy preparations

In this context, the regional education and training academies are preparing to receive students, in the face of a clear mitigation in terms of protocols and measures related to the Corona pandemic.

According to the statistics expected by the Regional Academy of Education and Training, Tanger-Tetouan-Al Hoceima region, for school admission, more than 99,000 girls and boys will enroll in primary education, and about 836,000 girls and boys, including more than 308,000 girls and boys from rural areas will attend primary and secondary education classes in Selkiya. The study will begin in the non-formal education departments on Monday, October 3.

An official of the aforementioned academy specified that the latter will serve to receive female students and males 368 private educational institutions and 1,298 public educational institutions, where the educational offer has been expanded with 39 new projects that include 11 internal departments and 4 centers for the second chance that will begin to receive students due to the new school admission.

According to the same source, the number of educational frameworks is more than 30,000, including 1630 new teachers and professors from the regional education and training academy, 221 from administrative, educational and social support frameworks, 32 from the planning and guidance authority educational. , and 41 from the educational monitoring and surveillance authority.

The Hespress source added that all measures were taken to start the school season in the best conditions; This is through the strengthening of social support programs for female and male students, as more than 520,000 female students will benefit from the “One Million Wallets” royal initiative, of which 249,000 are women, and from the “Tayseer” program ” for conditional financial support for families. , about 238,000 male and female students, while the number of beneficiaries of school transport will reach more than 46,000 girls and boys.

An official from the Regional Academy of Education and Training of the Casablanca-Settat region confirmed that 41 new educational institutions will be opened in this region in preparation for the school season. Of these, 31 institutions are located in rural areas, distributed among the different wires.

In this context, 19 primary schools have been allocated, including 13 institutions in rural areas, comprising one community school, 14 secondary schools, 10 institutions in rural areas, 27 rehabilitation secondary schools, all in rural areas, and 6 school units, all in rural areas.

The Regional Academy of Education and Training in the Casablanca-Settat region repaired and restored 111 institutions, replaced 480 rooms of dismantled construction, as well as connected 79 institutions to the water and sewage networks, connected 65 institutions to the electricity network, built facilities of health for 78 institutions, and fences and fences for 60 institutions.

primary education

As far as primary education is concerned, the academy itself has worked to expand the reception structure for primary school children; With the incorporation of 226 classrooms, the equipment of 380 classrooms, the training of 500 primary education educators and the carrying out of 1,236 mobilization and awareness campaigns on the importance of primary education, reported the same source.

The official added that, for the first time, a pilot project will be launched to measure the percentage of oxygen inside the departments, and this experiment will be launched in the El-Beida-Settat region, given the pollution problems that this region known. .

In this context, the spokesman said that “the focus will be on primary education departments, given the role of oxygen in the focus.”

On the other hand, a regional coordination meeting was held at the headquarters of the Regional Academy of Education and Training of the Beni Mellal-Khenifra region, on Thursday, August 25, which was chaired by the Director of the Academy, in the presence of the regional directors and department heads of the Academy All the steps and preparations, the activation of the monitoring and support mechanisms in the field, and the adoption of all the measures to ensure the start of school admission in good conditions, in accordance with the requirements of the decision of the new school year, and Ministerial Memorandum No. 61 x 22 dated July 19, 2022 on preparation for school entry 2023-2022.

According to the data provided by the Academy to Hespress, the new school season will work on the discharge of the requirements of the Framework Law 51.17 related to the education, training and scientific research system, and the gradual adoption of the requirements of the sheet of route, especially those related to the pole of the student, improving the quality of learning and ensuring the provision of adequate support to raise the level of control of the results The public school is one of the basic learning.

The total number of students in this department reached 649 thousand 7 students; Of these, 54,674 are enrolled in private school education, with an increase in the number of students of 2.7 percent compared to the previous year. The number of departments in public education reached 17,651 departments, an increase of 1.5 percent compared to the mentioned school season.

Regarding the expansion of the school offer, this school season has introduced 25 new projects; Through the opening of 5 primary schools, 5 new community schools, 5 new middle schools, 4 rehabilitation secondary schools and 6 boarding schools, bringing the total number of institutions in the region to 886 educational institutions (624 primary education, 159 secondary education). preparatory secondary school, 103 secondary qualification education), in addition to 1209 affiliated with the School.

Regarding the program for the development and generalization of primary education, the Beni Mellal-Khenifra region registered a notable development, since the number of students integrated into public education reached 33,171, an increase of 5.9 percent compared to the last academic year, and 153 new classrooms were created and 73 classrooms were rehabilitated for primary education. Partnerships for the advancement of primary education were also strengthened through the signing of 3 partnership agreements with the Moroccan Foundation for the Advancement of Primary Education, the Zakoura Foundation for Education and the Moroccan Federation of Primary Education.

In terms of human resources, this entity has benefited, within the framework of the distribution of 1,422 new graduates, from the regulatory frameworks of the academies; Including 636 teachers in the primary education body, 630 teachers in secondary education in selka, 48 educational support frames, 78 administrative support frames and 30 social support frames.

In turn, the Regional Academy of Education and Training of the Draa-Tafilalet region confirmed that, with the draw for the new school season, 7 primary institutions, 4 preparatory institutions and 1 rehabilitation institution, and 298 rooms for primary education were created. , 76 elementary classrooms, 34 high school classrooms and 16 rehabilitation classrooms.

All groups in the district were covered with primary education services, and all districts were 100 percent in school, and most groups in the district were covered with secondary education services; While 11 groups out of 125 groups are still not covered.

Although the coverage of the groups of the regions with the rehabilitation education services still needs a greater effort, according to the same source, adding: “We will have to add the secondary qualification activity to the preparatory schools to raise this coverage to 56 percent.”

Regarding the state of construction projects, educational institutions have been linked to drinking water (17 institutions), electricity (60 institutions), qualification of health establishments to 104 institutions, repair and restoration of 99 institutions and 8 pensions. , maintenance of the water treatment network of 16 institutions, and dismantled building compensation for 93 rooms, construction of sports stadiums for 18 institutions, construction of fences and fences for 125 institutions, and accessibility for 93 institutions.

Regarding social support, the Regional Academy of Education and Training of the Draa-Tafilalet region revealed approximately 331,927 beneficiaries of the royal initiative “one million wallets”, 850 buses for school transport, 237,670 registered in the “Tayseer” program, 16,731 full scholarships, and 661 Half scholarship, 470 scholarships in high school departments, 1198 meals in high school, and 130,000 food supplement in elementary school.