Diani ends an adventure from Dakar to the children of Namah

Diani ends an adventure from Dakar to the children of Namah
Photos: Hespress

Monday 29 August 2022 – 10:09

Moroccan cyclist Hassan Diani arrived on Sunday afternoon in the city of Sebt Ouled Nama, in Faqih Bensalah province, after a trip that began on July 18 to the Senegalese capital, Dakar, through the Guerguerat border crossing and Mauritania.

Al-Diyani, who belongs to the family of education, discovered that he was greeted by civic events on the outskirts of the city’s Saturday market, where he was given a reception in recognition of the radiation he presented to the city during this trip. . which took place on a normal bike.

Speaking to Hespress, Al-Diani, 46, said that “this challenge, which I called ‘the road to Dakar through the Moroccan Sahara’, was fun and arduous at the same time.” Interesting because it gave me the opportunity to visit several Moroccan cities in the south, as well as neighboring countries, and difficult because it coincided with the summer, when the temperature was very high”.

He added that its start was from the Saturday market, passing through Demnet, Ouarzazate, Zagora, Tata, Foum El Hassan, Guelmim, Dakhla, Boujdour, Guerguerat and various areas and Madasher in the southeast, passing through Nouadhibou and Nouakchott, then Rosso. , Senegal, crossing the Senegal River to Dakar.

He stressed that the trip that took him to Dakar through the Moroccan Sahara was not without difficulties and pitfalls, especially the high temperature he faced in southern Morocco, which was a rehearsal for him in the next stages, especially the Nouadhibou stage – Nouakchott.

In his statement, Al-Diani praised the great sympathy and encouragement he received throughout the trip from the people of his city, and the good treatment of the residents of the areas he visited, whether in Morocco, Mauritania or Senegal, and truckers. who treated him well throughout the itinerary.

Diani abounded in the treatment of neighboring countries, especially the Mauritanians, who expressed their love for Morocco, country and people, pointing out that the Mauritanian people are hospitable people, as they did not hesitate to provide them with drinking water, fruits, meals and accommodation as well, ending his statement by saying that Morocco remains distinguished and his special love

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