Morocco registers 30 new infections without deaths from “Corona” in 24 hours

Morocco registers 30 new cases, without deaths"crown" in 24 hours
Photo: AFP

Sunday 28 August 2022 – 15:32

Today, Sunday, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection has revealed the registration of 30 new confirmed cases of the “Corona” virus during the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of people infected by the virus to 1,264,316 cases in Morocco.

According to the Daily Bulletin of the Epidemiological Situation, the total of analyzes carried out, after carrying out 4,542 new tests, amounts to 12,436,616 since the beginning of the spread of the virus at the national level; On March 2, 2020.

Official data indicated that the same period did not record any deaths, so the total figure stabilized at 16,271, while an additional 82 recovery cases were confirmed, according to the same source, bringing the recovery to 1,247. 621.

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