Fight against terrorism in Morocco. Assassination Attempt Falls ISIS Loyalists in Tangier

Fight against terrorism in Morocco. Assassination attempt falls loyal to"ISIS" in Tangier
Photos: Hespress

Sunday 28 August 2022 – 19:42

The Tangier police arrested today, Sunday, a 36-year-old man affiliated with the terrorist organization ISIS, on suspicion of involvement in an assassination attempt as part of a terrorist project aimed at seriously undermining public order.

A statement to the General Directorate of National Security, obtained by Hespress, indicated that the preliminary information of the investigation indicates that the suspect tried to liquidate a person who lives with him in a construction workshop, within the framework of “discrimination” for reasons that “the victim violates the teachings of religion”, since he was the object of physical attacks using a drilling machine, sharp nails were thrown at him under pressure, causing a cut at the height of his neck.

According to the same source, police emergency patrols intervened at the scene of the crime as soon as they received notification of this fact, since the suspect tried to escape and jump from the first floor of the construction workshops, located in the “Bohout” neighborhood. in the Bani Makada area, before being arrested and neutralizing the danger emitted by him.

The searches carried out inside the room occupied by the suspect resulted in the seizure of weapons and versions of an extremist nature, such as the drilling machine used in the attack, a black cloth with the so-called “ISIS flag”, a conventional gunpowder . , and 4 bladed weapons of different sizes Various, nine pieces of sharp iron, as well as a leather case dedicated to individual pistols.

The General Directorate of National Security added that “the suspect was also found in possession of publications and manuscripts of an extremist nature and information equipment, consisting of four electronic download media, three digital storage memories, three photocopiers, two batteries of telephones, as well as a mobile phone, placed him along with the rest of the detainees at the disposal of the police scientific-technical laboratories to submit them to the necessary digital and technical expert reports.”

In compliance with the instructions of the Public Ministry in charge of terrorism and extremism cases, the same source has entrusted the investigation of this case to the Central Office of Judicial Investigations, attached to the General Directorate of Territorial Surveillance, in order to reveal the possible links of the suspected detainee with terrorist organizations, and identify the channels of his extremism as well as the alleged terrorist targets that are involved in his execution.

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