Youth Independence Day condemns insults to Tunisian president

The Executive Office of the Independent Organization of Youth pointed out that “the step of receiving the representative of the Republic of Illusion has lowered the mask of the outgoing Tunisian president, Kais Saied, with his clear declaration of hostility to the territorial integrity of Morocco” .

The same organization stressed, in a statement, that “Kais Saied, with this shameful behavior and the repetition of provocations and negative attitudes, damages the history and the common destiny that unites the Tunisian and Moroccan peoples, and the principles of the Conference of Parties of the Arab Maghreb”. held in Tangier on April 3, 1958, and the Marrakesh Treaty to establish the Arab Maghreb Union.” “.

The same statement adds that the Tunisian president “declares a clear hostility to territorial integrity, and exposes the poor positioning of the Tunisian regime on the geopolitical map of the region, whose features have emerged since the impartial vote in the United Nations on the decision to extend the MINURSO mission last year, and the various positions that followed”.

The leadership of the Independence Youth Organization valued the content of the royal speech on the occasion of the 69th anniversary of the revolution of the king and the people, highlighting “the centrality of the issue of territorial integrity, as the only scale to measure the power of our country.” relations with its regional and international environment.

The same source denounced “the unfortunate and abusive coup against the history of the Tunisian State and its people, which cannot be considered interference in the internal affairs of Tunisia, because the reception constitutes support for secession, an explicit tendency to destabilize the region, and a measure intended to disturb the territorial integrity of the Kingdom of Morocco.” And that “at a time when the Republic of Tunisia throughout history has positively contributed to the convergence of points of view in the midst of the crises between Morocco and Algeria, and was effective in eliminating the causes of the artificial conflict for the Moroccan Sahara.

The same organization welcomed the decision of the Moroccan government to withdraw the Kingdom’s ambassador in Tunisia and to boycott the work of the eighth summit of the Forum for Japan-Africa Cooperation (TICAD), affirming that “the content of the declaration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Tunisian regime came to exacerbate the tension using a decadent and immoral method”.

The Youth for Independence considered the reception of Ibrahim Ghaly, persecuted in Spanish justice for rape cases, on Tunisian soil, as “an insult to the struggles of the Tunisian people, especially the youth, to their desire for freedom, dignity and social welfare”. justice”, emphasizing that “the relationship between the Tunisian and Moroccan peoples is an eternal fraternal relationship, no regime will be able to erase its assets with its discredited actions”.

The same commission called on all segments of the Tunisian people and all their living national forces, especially the youth, to “take precautions and be careful, and confront everything that could destabilize the security of Tunisia, sow discord in the space of the Maghreb and the growing spread of terrorist groups that take the Polisario mercenary camps as their center”.

The statement also referred to the assignment of the Foreign Relations Committee of the organization’s Executive Office to urgently communicate with all organizations friendly to youth and students in Tunisia, in order to make them aware of “the horror of the step with uncalculated consequences ”, highlighting the determination to send a delegation from the organization’s leadership to the Tunisian capital, to meet with those concerned “and work with them to overcome this shameful act”.