The reception of the Polisario is condemned by all standards

In his first comment on the Tunisian president’s reception of Ibrahim Ghali, leader of the separatist Polisario Front, Moncef Marzouki blamed former Tunisian president Kais Saied for this crisis.

Marzouki considered, in a “blog” on his Facebook account, that “Kais Saied’s reception of the Polisario president as if he were the head of a world-renowned state put Tunisia on the side of a brother against another brother,” adding :: “We are facing an act that is condemned under all standards because it is not responsible and harmful to the interests of Tunisia, it harmed the weak possibilities of getting the Maghreb Union out of the recovery room.”

And the former Tunisian president continued: “We have an urgent need to put an end to the animosity, not to add fuel to the fire… The proof is that the cries have come from everywhere and the withdrawal of all the elements of a calm and constructive society. Dialogue between members of the same family.

Al-Marzouki recorded that “since the beginning of the crisis in Western Sahara, the position of Tunisia, whoever is the president, has been constant: seek reconciliation between the two brothers in dispute and not stand with this against that” , considering Qais Saeed, whom he described as a “reversal”, to deviate from this custom.

For his part, Moncef Marzouki considered that “the path of continuous confrontation with Morocco, and the objective of being a sixth country, has led us to paralyze the construction of the Maghreb Union, with what this implies: the loss of great opportunities for the rebirth of the economy of the Maghreb, the exhaustion of the two older brothers with budgets to arm the unemployed, and the torment continues for the Saharawis who have no prospects in the Tindouf camps that change misery, generation after generation”.

And the same politician continued: “Such a wrong policy of the Algerian regime also provoked wrong reactions, including the intrusion of the Israeli wolf in our region by the Moroccan regime, which is a very bad omen. Instead of “Morocco” the Arab Mashreq exporting the best democratic models, here we are about to “shine” the Arab Maghreb through the return of the Egyptian model to the cradle of the Arab Spring, especially the entry of Israel into the region as a dangerous player.

Al-Marzouki also stressed that “the only solution for the Saharawis is not to run after a State that will see the light only on the ruins of Morocco, which is not possible, inevitable or in anyone’s interest, because such a scenario presupposes a war. devastation that can destroy, God forbid, Algeria as it destroys Morocco without adding anything to the situation of the Saharawis”. He continued: “The only solution that is in their interest and the interest of all Maghreb is autonomy with all the components , without excluding any political party within the broader nation that is Morocco, within the broader nation that is the Maghreb Union”.

The former president added: “This union, which the independent peoples and states will build on their current borders, is subject to policies that have proven useless and dangerous.”

In addition, Marzouki commented on former Prime Minister Saad Eddine El Othmani’s blog, saying: “It is not Tunisia that stabbed Morocco in the back, but rather a reversal of Tunisia’s stabbing at its democracy, its constitution, its institutions, and its relations with Libya and the democratic countries, and brought it to a state that we do not want for an enemy. Yes, brother.” peoples of our afflicted nation.”