The disease is old and the danger in the spread of “Corona”

Nothing worries health authorities about the monkeypox virus so far. The situation is stable and controlled in the absence of local injuries, and the speed of interaction with the cases received from other countries, the last of which was registered in Marrakech, the day before yesterday, Thursday.

The contacts of the infected person are divided into three levels; The first is high, which includes those who have a high probability of contagion, such as people who live with the injured under the same roof, and the second is medium, which includes those who accompany the injured on the plane, and not everything matters. the passengers, but those who sit near him, and the third is weak for those who gathered them for a short meeting with the wounded.

Despite the warnings issued about the virus, experts see the developments as little worrying. It is not related to a disease similar to “Covid-19”, but it is an old disease about which there is scientific knowledge, as well as ways to manage its cases and contacts, as well as treatments.

Said Afif, member of the scientific committee for vaccination against the Corona virus, said that “the virus is perfectly enclosed within Morocco, and the health authorities have demonstrated a good surveillance system to deal with it, and precisely it is found that only one has been a case of smallpox has been registered or a suspicion has been registered”.

Afif added, in statements to Hespress, that the epidemiological situation associated with monkeypox “is stable, and all registered cases are incoming, not local, and contact monitoring and examination is carried out permanently”, considering that ” the concern is the registration of infections within the country.”

And the Moroccan expert in virology added that the health authorities are awaiting the results of the contacts, noting that “the real source of discomfort now is the low demand for coronavirus vaccines and the coming autumn, which brings many mutant variants, like the monkey. smallpox, it does not represent a danger”.

Saeed Mutawakil, a member of the Scientific Vaccination Committee, recorded, in turn, that “smallpox is not as strong as the Corona virus, especially at the level of spread and symptoms”, highlighting that “current infections are imported, and the Surveillance is the basis for contact management.”

Mutawakil explained, in statements to Hespress, that the virus is transmitted through droplets, direct proximity and intimate relationships, “noting that the Marrakech case is in a stable situation, and the authorities are following up on contacts to manage step”. of this newcomer in the best conditions”.

And the Ministry of Health and Social Protection announced, this Thursday, that a confirmed case of the disease (mancopox), or monkey root, had been detected in Morocco and that it was related to an imported case of a foreign citizen.

He also highlighted that the teams of the National and Regional Center for Public Health Emergency Operations, as well as the rapid response teams, began the approved epidemiological investigations in order to list all those who were in contact with the infected person immediately after get to the results. of their laboratory tests, in order to subject them to medical observation and take preventive measures to prevent the spread of the virus in accordance with national and international health security standards.