The Constitutional Union condemns the imprudence of the President of Tunisia

"Constitutional Union" Condemns the imprudence of the Tunisian president
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Saturday 27 August 2022 – 13:23

The Constitutional Union Party expressed its strong condemnation of the hostile step directed against Morocco and its territorial integrity, after the Tunisian president received the leader of the separatist entity.

The most prominent communication from the General Secretariat reached by Hespress was that President Kais Saied introduced sister Tunisia through impromptu decisions that did not serve his interests or the interests of stability and democracy in the Maghreb region.

The Constitutional Union Party affirmed its full commitment to the strategic vision defined by King Mohammed VI in all his speeches and on all occasions.

The same communiqué supported all the diplomatic steps and all the decisions taken by the country, like all the parties and living forces, it supports the sanctity of our territorial integrity and the Moroccanity of its Sahara.

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