Everyone is dedicated to waiting… The theater of the absurd is an attempt to “say the silence”

Moroccan theatrical inspiration for the work “Waiting for Godot” by Samuel Beckett, present in the last works of the director Mustapha Boussaria.

The previews of this work began in the summer and it is expected that this year it will reach several theaters in the country.

Playwright Mustapha Boussaria told Hespress that this play is “a Moroccanization of ‘Waiting for Godot’, as an outstanding play by Samuel Beckett.”

And he added: “It is a work that has lived in me for years, and every time I tried to complete it, with several playwrights, and it has several translations, among them I liked the translation of the Lebanese Paul Shaul.”

Regarding the presence of waiting, which may or may not come in the Moroccan model, Bouasria said: “Everyone is waiting, we are waiting for the one who does not come… We are waiting for sustenance, death, we are waiting for many things.”

And about his career in the “Teatro del Absurdo”, the same theater director said: “I don’t know if my inclination for this theater is innate or not”. He continued: “I have always had a predilection for this theater. “.

He went on to elaborate: “The theater of the absurd depends on the actor’s technique, and if the diagnostic components are not available in it, it will not be able to hold out for a while without the audience getting bored.”

In this context, the playwright recalled a previous work of his from 1993 entitled “A man who mortified himself”, in which he looked forward to performance after performance, even if there is movement or murmur of spectators, but at the University Theater Festival. “It was a complete stability, a focus on the actor, because he has to be present.”