Catastrophic floods kill 22 people in Chad

Catastrophic floods kill 22 people in Chad
Photo: AFP

Saturday 27 August 2022 – 11:25

The United Nations announced that 22 people have died since August 16 and 340,000 people have been affected as a result of the catastrophic floods that affected 11 of Chad’s 23 provinces.

According to the United Nations press center, the floods also caused extensive damage to homes, infrastructure, agricultural land and livestock. It also led to a very high incidence of malaria and raised concerns about a cholera outbreak.

The United Nations indicated that it is working, in cooperation with its humanitarian partners, to support the government’s efforts to provide vital assistance; Including food, health services, housing and other essential supplies.

He added that, so far, some 30,000 affected people have been reached in the east and in N’Djamena.

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