An American report reveals the role of Morocco in guaranteeing stability on the African continent

An investigative article published in the “National Interest” magazine, specializing in US foreign affairs, praises the role played by the Kingdom of Morocco in improving continental security in Africa in the context of growing threats in the Sahel and Sahara region.

The article written by the United States special envoy to the Sahel, Peter Pham, and the American academic researcher Sam Milner, considered that “Morocco is a non-NATO strategic ally of the United States of America”.

He explained that “Morocco is not only a member of the African Union, but it is also one of the most important African investors on the continent”, and pointed out that “the United States strategy in Africa will be very credible considering the new transformations in the continent”.

These new transformations are evident, according to the article entitled “Biden’s new strategy in Africa between good and bad continuity”, in “the security association between Tel Aviv and Rabat in the recent period, in the context of the agreements of Abraham in the Middle East. .”

The document continues: “This emerging relationship between Israel and Morocco has the potential to contribute significantly to the stability of much of Africa, as well as being a safety valve against terrorism on the European continent.”

And the same article, dedicated to talking about the strategy of the Joe Biden administration towards the African continent, stated that “the new plan revealed by Anthony Blinken only reflects a commitment to the status quo on the continent, and to maintaining existing alliances during the era of previous administrations.

Peter Pham and Sam Milner stressed that “the new US strategy in sub-Saharan Africa realizes the dangers of Chinese expansion in the region, which will enhance its commercial and political interests in the African continent as a whole, in parallel with the growing influence Russian”. in several African countries living in unstable security conditions.

The article noted that “security challenges remain the most significant obstacle facing African countries, preventing them from benefiting from their economic and social capabilities, requiring prioritizing military partnership to combat terrorism.”

He went on to say that “regional challenges relate to the growing influence of armed groups loyal to the Russians and Iranians, as well as the significant escalation of jihadist terrorist activity in the Sahel and the Sahara, which has turned this region into a hotbed for world of violent extremism”.

The researchers concluded that “the current situation will not only lead to a deterioration of African security, but will also lead to the destabilization of allies of the United States of America throughout Europe and the Middle East.”