Kushner confirms Morocco’s rejection of the idea of ​​establishing an Israeli embassy in the capital, Rabat

Jared Kushner, adviser and son-in-law of former US President Donald Trump, has published his memoirs entitled “Breaking History: The White House Memoirs”, which reveal the background of decision-making in Washington, including the US recognition of the Moroccan Sahara. .

Kushner is considered the main advisor to Donald Trump, the former US president, and one of the architects of the “tripartite agreement” that was signed between the Kingdom of Morocco, the United States of America and Israel; In December 2020.

The political memoirs were issued through “Broside Books” on August 23 in the United States, and excerpts from its pages were published in the foreign press.

In his new book, Kouchner stresses that Morocco is “a stable country that guarantees the security of the region and prevents the spread of terrorist groups, such as ISIS or Boko Haram.”

The former official adds that “King Mohammed VI: a man much appreciated by his people”, met him in 2019 at the royal palace in Rabat, and was received with a “warm welcome that he did not expect”, fearing a “cold response after the violent pressure exerted by Donald Trump.” Win the organization of the FIFA World Cup, in 2026, against the file presented by Rabat.

The discussions focused on “developments in North Africa and the Middle East” at the time, in addition to the strategic partnership between the United States of America and the Kingdom of Morocco, according to the same source.

Kushner defends US recognition of the Moroccan Sahara and says that “the main obstacle came from Republican Senator James Einhove, former chairman of the House Defense Committee, known for his support of the secession proposal.”

And Kushner added in his memoirs: “A compromise on issues of American domestic policy was reached between the White House and the elected official, which allowed the decision to be made.”

Regarding the agreement with Israel, Trump’s adviser revealed that “Benjamin Netanyahu did not want a liaison office in Rabat, but wanted to open an Israeli embassy in Morocco; It is a proposal that the Moroccan Foreign Minister categorically rejected, to the point of threatening to definitively cancel the agreement”.