“Deportation of markets” faces rejection in Casablanca

The decision of the Casablanca City Council to move the main markets to other destinations to alleviate the pressure on the city faces widespread rejection by the professionals of these spaces.

Many merchants and actors in some markets expressed their discontent and rejection of what the collective council is studying, especially because they were not included in its discussion.

Merchants at the level of the wholesale market for vegetables and fruits pointed out, in statements to the Hespress newspaper, that the relocation of this space, which is the largest of its kind at the national level, will exacerbate their suffering and cause a stagnation of trade. for many.

Some vegetable and fruit vendors explained that thinking of moving the market known as “Marchi Creo” requires conjuring up a set of conditions, in addition to not being far from the city, the destination of trucks and merchandise from different parts of the Kingdom.

Although they advise that the space be equipped with various equipment and facilities, they are going to move it to another destination away from Moulay Rachid, which will make this project a failure, since many professionals and parallel professionals will boycott it or their number will be will reduce a lot.

Vegetable and fruit sellers considered that moving away from this market from Casablanca will be accompanied by an increase in prices for citizens, since installment traders will be affected by the daily movement towards it to purchase goods.

At the level of the famous Darb Omar in the center of the city, Saeed Farah, secretary general of the Darb Omar Traders and Professionals Association, is surprised to talk about a deportation process without involving the professionals and listening to their opinions and suggestions.

Said Farah, in statements to the newspaper, said: “We have not yet been contacted by the competent authorities in this regard”, emphasizing that what applies to the rest of the markets is not the same as what can be applied to “Darb Omar. ”

The general secretary of the association asked: “Darb Omar includes 10,000 shops and 60 Caesarea. Is there an area capable of accommodating all this number?” He added: “Darb Omar is not the wholesale market for vegetables and fruits or Rahba Al Qatani. ”

The same spokesman stressed that “if there is an alternative market, it must be in accordance with international standards, similar to the one that exists in China, and be a destination for all of Africa, not just for Moroccan merchants”, pointing out “the need to provide banks, hotels and ample space to park trucks, and that the facility is close to the highway, until it is accepted by merchants”.

On whether the tram will affect trade in the Darb Omar market, the professional official stated that the passage of its lines from Darb Omar through Mohammed VI Street “will not hinder anyone”, noting that “only the trucks will be damaged, while merchants and warehouses will not be affected because he does not go through them.”

On the sidelines of the special session held on Monday, during the discussion of the design project, the Mayor of Casablanca, Nabila Rmeili, underlined the desire to remove the wholesale vegetable and fruit market, and the fish and cotton market from the heart. of the city, provided that the management is in favor of the city council.

Al-Rumaili noted that this project is in the process of being completed and studied. The spaces in which these markets are located will be used and structured to generate projects in accordance with the aspirations of the provinces in which they are located.