Underwear in a “popular season” stirs social networks

Reading the articles of some newspapers on Friday and the weekend, starting with “Al Massa”, which published that women throw their underwear on the road during the lake season in the outskirts of Safi, seeking marriage and motherhood , sparked controversy. in social networks; Some commentators considered that what these women did falls within the scope of the traditions and customs that abound in the region, while others considered that this act falls within the framework of polytheism.

The news indicated that these women intend to trample on their underwear in the procession of the honorable lakes heading into the season, as they believe that if honorable men trample on women’s underwear, that will take away bad luck and bring them good luck, and opens doors for them to marry or have children.

The same newspaper referred to the growth of random construction in the city of Fez in conjunction with the transition movement of the men of power announced by the Ministry of the Interior, in a serious violation of the legal arsenal established by the legislator with the aim of regulate the field of construction and reconstruction and reduce its risks for citizens.

Al-Massa also reported that investigations into the file of the largest hierarchical marketing company revealed the involvement of new suspects, who were found to be part of an organized network of fraud, fraud, abuse of trust and change of data in the information system. money information. transfer agencies Among the suspects to whom the complaints of the victims are directed are the brother of the accused, who is in Okasha prison, members of his family and employees of the company “Lorne & Oren”, which specialized in the sale of cosmetics through pyramid marketing.

And with the same media platform, which published that the Public Ministry of Appeals of Agadir referred a defendant for the crime of amputation in the city of Ouled Taima to the local prison of Ait Melloul, with a date set for the first court session, then to be followed up on charges related to the armed attack on someone else’s residence and the attempted murder.

Regarding the “Moroccan events”, he reported that the House of Poetry of Marrakech announced the organization of the “best poem” contest for young poets under 30 years of age, in its fourth session.

According to the same platform, this award chose the axis of the earth as the main theme for the poems, and that the contest aims to encourage young talents in the field of poetic creativity and contribute to a greater openness to poetic voices, encouraging and motivating them to continue and enter the midst of poetic writing.

For its part, “Bayan Al-Youm” published that bribery continues to haunt Moroccan citizens, whether they live or reside in the diaspora, who want to pass the driving license exam, and precisely the practical exams.

Al-Khabar added that this license, which is known for its price, has become an integral part of it, and this bribe varies between Moroccan cities; But it does not exclude any citizen, regardless of his ability or lack of driving.

“Bayan Al-Youm” wrote that the compulsory bribery of Moroccan citizens is not a new phenomenon, but rather a phenomenon that is common in all regions of the Kingdom without exception, since citizens are blackmailed during the honorary session of the driving tests.

And to “Al-Alam” that published that the Regional Water Committee in the province of Al Haouz has adopted a set of urgent measures represented in rationalizing and streamlining the consumption of water, whether for irrigation or drinking, with the generalization of irrigation by dripping, combating the loss of water in public and private distribution channels, and the application of reducing the flow of distributed water if necessary or when necessary; In order to preserve the region’s water wealth and rationalize its consumption.

The aforementioned committee decided to carry out a series of awareness campaigns to protect water sources to ensure the supply in the best conditions.

As for the Socialist Union, it was reported that applicants for residence certificates clashed with security districts concerned about handing over the number of documents they had to complete to obtain this document.

According to the same source, among the documents that must be presented are the bills for water and electricity consumption, the marriage contract, the retirement decision for retirees and a photocopy of the national identity card of the spouses in case the applicant the document is head of family. Citizens who are surprised by these documents wonder about their usefulness, and about the wisdom of forcing them to be presented by citizens and the burden of the interests that concern them.