Morocco at the “Arts of Islam” exhibition in New York

Morocco on display "The arts of Islam" New York
Photos: Hespress

Friday 26 August 2022 – 00:19

In celebration of the aesthetics of Islamic art, the WestBury Arts Gallery in New York is organizing an exhibition entitled “Arts of Islam”; From August 6 to 27 this year. The exhibition includes dozens of works of art by male and female artists from various Arab and Islamic countries, reflecting the various spiritual and aesthetic aspects of Islamic culture.

The exhibition recognizes a prominent presence of Moroccan Islamic art, showcasing masterpieces in textiles, wood and ceramics, embodying the diversity of Moroccan creativity and the aesthetics of ancient and contemporary Islamic art, celebrating tolerant spiritual values.

The Consulate General of the Kingdom of Morocco in New York accompanied the activities of this exhibition with the visit of the Consul General to the Art Gallery, along with a delegation from the Moroccan community, including academics and businessmen residing in the region of Long Island, where the exhibition is held, where they contributed special masterpieces, in order to highlight the Al-Mashreqah cultural aspects of ancient and diverse Islamic art in Morocco.

The visit was an opportunity to meet with representatives of several American institutions concerned with art and the dialogue of civilizations and religions, such as Dr. Farouk Ahmed Khan, president of the Long Island Institute for Interreligious Dialogue, and the Rosanna Perotti American Academy. . , from Hofstra University in New York, who gave a presentation that included explanations of the contents of the exhibition. He has a special knowledge of Moroccan arts, given his numerous visits to Morocco and his knowledge of its multiple cultures, which he described as “rich and surprising in Islamic history, embodying the values ​​of openness, moderation and tolerance”.

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