Guidance frameworks requesting “citation transparency” in SOS

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Thursday 25 August 2022 – 01:21

The preparation process of the Regional Academy of Education and Training of Souss Massa to appoint the graduates of the Orientation and Planning Center for the year 2022, and the associated announcement of vacancies in its six regional directorates, aroused the reactions of the graduates , who expressed their discontent with what they described as “hiding positions close to the center, and an attempt to accumulate Graduates in distant directions”, demanding “the explicit release of all real vacancies in the regional directions of this academy, and the implementation of the principle of transparency and equal opportunities in the appointment”.

A letter of protest addressed to the director of the academy of the Souss-Massa region indicated that the graduates of the Orientation and Planning Center for 2022 were surprised by the academy’s announcement of the start of the process of expressing the desire to be named in the regional directorates of the region, “without announcing the quotas allocated to each regional directorate separately, which contradicts the principle of transparency and equal opportunities, especially with many regional academies announcing the quotas allocated to each regional directorate based on specified criteria in the Ministerial Memorandum 57.22 (the The Academy of Rabat-Salé and the Academy of the East as a model).

The orientation and planning frameworks based their demand on the fact that the aforementioned memorandum “calls to ensure the balance of the school sectors for orientation at the regional level, especially in terms of enrollment rates, taking into account the geographical specificities according to the regional directions ”. and the human resources they have to work in these sectors, as well as the magnitude of the deficit created by the movement The Transitional National Council of Guidance Counselors in each direction”; In addition to what is indicated by the correspondence of the General Secretariat of the Ministry under No. 84.22, and the procedure of the National Movement of Counselors in orientation based on specific vacancies in the ministerial memorandum 27.22; In addition, most of the regional academies that released the results of appointments of graduates of the Center for Orientation and Planning 2022 have adhered to the criteria of ministerial memorandum 57.22.

He asked for guidelines and planning frameworks to respect the ministerial memorandums “fixing the quotas assigned to each regional directorate of new graduates based on the criteria of the ministerial memorandum 57.22, and announcing said quota before making the appointments in respect of the principles of equality of opportunities”. and the right to obtain information that is constitutionally guaranteed”, and “Accelerate the announcement of the results of the appointments of new graduates in the regional directions of the Regional Academy of Souss Massa, similar to the rest of the regional academies that announced the results of appointments, so that new graduates can get to know the workplace, in order to ensure the preservation of the psychological and social stability of this category.

In order to obtain the opinion of the Seuss Massa Regional Education and Training Academy, we refer the request for guidance and planning frameworks designated in this academy to the head of the Department of Communication and Monitoring of the Board of Directors of the Academy, Hassan Huda, but we did not receive any response or clarification from him.

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