Famous photo of Winston Churchill stolen from Canadian hotel

Famous photo of Winston Churchill stolen from Canadian hotel
Photo: AFP

Thursday 25 August 2022 – 11:41

A famous photograph of Winston Churchill has been stolen and replaced at a luxury hotel in the Canadian capital Ottawa, according to the hotel, which is calling on the public to help restore the work.

And it was several months before the staff at the Chateau Laurier hotel realized that a photo of Churchill at the venue differed from the rest of the photos displayed in famed photographer Joseph Karch’s drawing room, and that his frame was improperly set. .

But it took only a few days for the management of the place to determine the date of the robbery, with a margin of a week and a half, based on several photos of the work sent by previous guests, the manager of the hotel, Genevieve Dumas, told AFP.

“Perhaps someone wanted this photo, either for their own collection or to sell it,” the director added, noting that the stolen photo was priceless.

However, the value of the photograph, which shows the British leader after his speech before the Canadian Parliament in 1941, is estimated at around $100,000. Hotel management believes the robbery occurred between December 25, 2021 and January 6, 2022.

Douma noted that this photo is “part of the history of Karsh and the hotel, as well as the history of wartime Canada and Britain,” and said he was “very saddened by this shameful theft.”

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