The visit of the chief rabbi of France to Algeria as part of the “Macron delegation” provokes political controversy

After receiving an invitation from Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune following a telephone conversation that brought them together, French President Macron will visit Algeria tomorrow, Thursday, in light of multiple economic, political and historical challenges and a packed regional agenda.

The visit will last three days, from August 25 to 27, and is “a clear indication of the official resumption of the French president’s channels of communication with his Algerian counterpart, after a period of strong tensions,” reports the magazine “John Africa”. in an article on the subject.

The agenda includes, according to the Elysee statement, discussions on regional situations and a review of bilateral relations between Paris and Algeria, which have been frustrated by the divergence of views in recent years on some common issues between both parties for some time. time, especially the themes of “memory, history and identity”.

High on the agenda for Macron’s first visit to Algeria after his re-election last May is a face-to-face meeting with his Algerian counterpart Abdelmadjid Tebboune, as well as a visit to the “Grand Mosque” in Algeria. capital, while on August 26 he will make a stopover in Oran to visit the famous castle of Santa Cruz”.

A lunch is scheduled to take place at noon on Friday, August 26, that will bring Emmanuel Macron together “face to face with President Tebboune before the start of a long and drawn out meeting between the two presidents,” according to Algerian websites.

The Algerian and French media spoke of a “rich program” that includes political talks and meetings of Macron with Algerian youth and businessmen in the framework of economic cooperation between the two countries, as well as visits to many tourist sites, including the Great Mosque of Algiers and the castle of “Santa Cruz” that the Spanish built in Oran.

A previous statement issued by the Elysee had announced an official “work and friendship visit” that would take French President Emmanuel Macron to Algeria, lasting three days.

Following a first visit that lasted just 12 hours in December 2017, at the start of his first presidential term, this is Macron’s second visit as President of France to Algeria.

Both Paris and Algeria hope to “turn a page of misunderstandings and tensions” that culminated in the summons of the Algerian ambassador in October 2021, following the French president’s statements about the Algerian “political-military” regime and the Algerian people.

The Rabbi of France Controversy

The French president is accompanied by the Chief Rabbi of French Jewry, Haim Corsia, for the first time, as part of the official delegation.

The Algerian parties expressed their rejection of the participation of the Chief Rabbi of French Jews, for what they considered “his positions of support for Zionism and Israeli aggression against the Palestinians.”

The head of the Society for Peace Movement, Abdel Razzaq Makri, said that Macron “is trying to mislead public opinion when he clearly defends the Zionist entity, equates hostility with Zionism and anti-Semitism, and denies Israel’s apartheid practice. ”.

The head of the Bina movement, Abdel Qader bin Quraina, expressed his refusal to attend Corsia and said, commenting on the delegation accompanying Macron, that “we must warn that we will not accept, in any way, any suspicious barter attempts to change the situation”. blessed land of the martyrs in land of settlement for those who betrayed their revolution, or were part of a racist regime that occupies a defenseless town and wages all kinds of war on it without fear of anyone.