The Casablanca Community Council launches the search for real estate outside of Morocco

The Casablanca community was forced to look for real estate and properties in other cities, in addition to two French cities, in the face of efforts to appraise properties and bring in new income, and bar the way to the real estate mafia.

The Collective Council of the Economic Capital has taken legal action to recover a set of buildings and assets belonging to Casablanca, despite its presence in other Moroccan cities as well as outside the national territory.

The group decided, in its extraordinary session, held at the beginning of the week, to approve the acquisition of half of the king’s land called “Christine”, with real estate drawing number R/15246 located in Rabat, Al-Braihi lane, and which consists of buildable land, by preference.

An official source at the Casablanca community management office confirmed that the city has a group of properties abandoned by some French centenarians.

The same source pointed out that one of the centenarians left a group of properties for the benefit of the Casablanca community, including properties in the capital, Rabat, and others in the French capital, Paris, as well as in Marseille.

In his statements to the electronic newspaper Hespress, a member of the council leadership highlighted that the group was delayed in the era of previous councils in recovering these properties, which caused some of them to be slandered.

The group works, according to sources from the electronic newspaper Hespress, to recover these properties, in order to prevent some lobbies, as well as the real estate mafia, from “ending them”.

During this week’s extraordinary session, the vote was taken to acquire, by right of preference, half of the king’s land called “Domitic”, with real estate drawing number 45055/s, located in Casablanca, Anfa street, and its total the area is approximately 836 square meters; In addition to half of the king’s area called “Le garage”, with real estate drawing number 2379/s, located in Casablanca – Anfa, consisting of land on which a total area of ​​879 square meters is built, also by subscription preferential.