Students get to know the House of Memory in Essaouira

the students know "memory house" Essaouira
Photo: WAM

Wednesday 24 August 2022 – 02:31

Visits by Moroccan students continue to the “House of Memory” in Essaouira, where the many memories of the city are present, especially in its Moroccan Jewish part.

Leading students from the province of Essaouira visited, earlier this week, the headquarters of the “House of Memory” to familiarize themselves with its exhibits, components and message, before participating in the production of a videotape presenting your impression of the visit in a speech.

This museum, which was inaugurated by King Mohamed VI at the beginning of 2020, also received Moroccan children to learn about it and the values ​​it claims of “coexistence”, “knowledge” and “search for understanding”.

Essaouira the Jews memory house