Legal documents behind the closure of a “mediation office”… and Moroccans cling to work in Israel

Local authorities closed the third annex of Najdiya, affiliated with the Anfa prefecture in Casablanca, A “mediation office” claims to provide job opportunities for Moroccans in Israel.

Dozens of citizens from different regions were surprised by the presence of local authorities in front of the Mustafa Maani building, preventing them from entering it to deposit their files in order to obtain a job in Israel.

The electronic newspaper Hespress examined an official from the mediation office explaining to attendees that the reason for the closure of the office was due to the lack of an administrative document issued by the Israel Liaison Office, which is the same justification provided by a piece of paper attached to the door. of the building.

The spokesman assured those who wish to submit their candidacy files to work in Israel that the office will resume its work after 15 days, after obtaining the administrative documents.

Sources from the authorities of the aforementioned workforce confirmed that the office did not have legal documents, which led to its closure today.

Sources from the local authority specified that the office was closed to avoid any fraud in which citizens who wanted to work there could fall, and pointed out that “fortunately, the filing of files is done for free, as confirmed by the citizens who submit their files. ”

The electronic newspaper Hespress tried to contact a person named “David” who was in the office, but we were unable to obtain his opinion.

Several citizens complained about the decision to close the office, especially since they traveled long distances to get their files in order to work in Israel.

A young man who arrived from the city of Agadir said that he was surprised by the decision to close this morning without giving him the reasons for it, despite having come a long way to put his file.

He added, in statements to Hespress, that he has no problem working in Israel, emphasizing that he is looking for a job opportunity anywhere.

In turn, a young man from the Al-Rahamna area expressed his dissatisfaction with the closure decision, indicating that he wanted to put his file after previously communicating with the office.

As for a young man from the “Mzab” region, he seemed puzzled when he spoke to Hespress after he was shocked by this decision, noting that his desire to get an honorable job is different from his current temporary job.

The Israel Liaison Office in Rabat denied its connection to the so-called “mediation office” that provides job opportunities in Israel, or any other office that claims to issue work visas in the same country.

The Israeli Liaison Office added, in a statement, that for its part, “it does not issue any work visa, until the agreement is signed, that the Moroccan Interior Minister, Abdel-Wafi Laftit, and the Israeli Interior Minister, Ayelet Shaked, announced, last June, their intention to reach”, noting that “there is still no official agreement, but the two countries are currently working on it”.