America surprises the “Algeria lobby” with a strong signal to keep the “African Lion” in Morocco

US signals will continue to support Morocco and prepare it to host “African Lion” maneuvers over the next year. Following Congress’s decision to increase support for the Royal Armed Forces, General Farouk Belkheir, Inspector General of the Royal Armed Forces , received General Touder Wasmanoud, Commander in Chief of the Europe-South Africa Task Force, of the United States Army.

While sites and lobbyists close to Algeria have promoted the US Department of Defense’s intention to “seek alternative sites” for larger military exercises in Africa, amid pressure from forces in the Senate to remove Morocco from its position as annual host of the exercises. , all of Washington’s moves in Africa and the Sahel reflect America’s confidence in Rabat as a partner. Important and necessary for international security, Senator James Einhoff of Oklahoma, a prominent member of the Defense Committee, is leading a campaign against Morocco’s hosting of the “African Lion Exercise.”

Einhoff said in a press release: “I paid [وزارة الدفاع] Looking for alternative locations for the annual African Lion Military Maneuver previously organized by Morocco… I am pleased [وزير الدفاع لويد أوستن] Agree with me on this issue.”

Inhofe’s office told Defense News that it secured a commitment from Austin at a special meeting to consider alternative sites for the annual exercise, which the United States and 10 partner nations jointly hold in Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal and Ghana.

Contrary to what Algerian intelligence is promoting about the direction of the US administration to change Morocco to another destination to host the “African Lion” maneuvers, Nabil Andalusi, a researcher in international affairs, says that a series of indicators point in the direction contrary. .

The same analyst is at the high-level security meetings and the development of the American-Moroccan partnership in the field of military industry, including the “Apache” agreement between the Royal Armed Forces and the American Boeing Company, and now the visit. the Commander-in-Chief of the US Army Southern Europe and Africa Task Force; He said that they are all positive indicators for Morocco and confirm the continuation of the strong cooperative relations between the two sides. “This stems from the position of the Kingdom of Morocco and its active role in protecting regional security, and the confidence of its partners in it.”

The same spokesman stressed that the determination of the US administration in its firm position on the problem of the artificial desert, and its support for the autonomy project, supports this approach based on strengthening relations between the two countries at the security and military levels.

The researcher drew attention to the pressures that the Algerian lobby is trying to exert on some tendencies within the US Congress, despite its limited and weak influence, for which Moroccan diplomacy, whether official or parallel, must strengthen and consolidate the conquests.

For his part, Elias Al-Moussawi, a researcher in international relations, said that the maneuvers of the “African Lion” for this year “come in a completely different context than in recent years”, noting that “the situation in many places throughout the world has been characterized by further escalation. Many geostrategic areas (Korea, Japan, Russia…) are now embracing maneuvers from the great powers and their allies in an attempt to demonstrate preparedness and deterrence for future military transformations.

Al-Moussawi added: “What increases the importance and sensitivity of this year’s exercises is that the eastern neighbor, in turn, is about to host military exercises assembled by the Russian Federation, organized along the Moroccan borders”, and pointed out that “the world is advancing more than ever towards the consolidation of the culture of military alliances and the culture of alignment with this or that party, in preparation for declaring military poles that compete with NATO, which is expanding as days go by”.

The same analyst highlights the importance of these maneuvers, which also stem from “the attractiveness of the entire African continent in recent years, as is well known; With the reduction of the French role in the former colonies, many world powers are trying to fill this gap, stressing that “the United States of America does not want to allow China, Russia and Turkey, to a lesser degree, to penetrate politically, militarily and economically in the continent, so it is trying, in partnership with Morocco, to expand its influence to protect its economic and military interests and to monitor the presence of these forces in many strategic areas on the brown continent.”