Traffic accidents kill 17 people in Moroccan cities

Traffic accidents kill 17 people in Moroccan cities
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Tuesday 23 August 2022 – 20:28

Seventeen people died and another 2,277 were injured, 99 seriously, in 1,594 traffic accidents in urban areas, during the week of August 15-21, 2022.

A statement to the General Directorate of National Security attributed the main reasons that lead to the occurrence of these accidents, in their order, to the lack of attention of drivers, lack of respect for the right of priority, lack of attention of pedestrians, speeding. , not leaving the safety distance, changing direction without a signal, lack of control and disrespect for parking Stop sign imposed, unauthorized change of direction, drunk driving, disrespect for the stop imposed with a red signal, circulation at the left, faulty overtaking and driving in the prohibited direction.

Regarding the surveillance and containment operations in the Sir and Golán square, the report indicates that the security services managed to register 47,913 infractions, completed 6,566 reports that were sent to the Public Ministry and extracted 41,347 fines.

The same source indicated that the amount obtained for these infractions amounted to 8,880,375 dirhams, while the number of vehicles placed in the municipal reserve was 5,291 vehicles, the number of documents withdrawn was 6,566 and the number of vehicles that were subject to detention was 340 vehicles

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