“Mysterious deaths” occupy investigators in Nador

"mysterious deaths" Researchers are dedicated to Nador
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Tuesday 23 August 2022 – 22:39

A third body, found by citizens, turned up Tuesday night. In the Al-Aroui Archaeological Park Territorially affiliated with the province of Nador.

The body, still unidentified, was found lying on the garden lawn; Link communication with the security forces, who arrived at the scene and carried out the initial examination of the body before being transferred to the morgue.

It is reported that, on Tuesday, the bodies of two people who died under mysterious circumstances were found; The first is in the Mysore alley in the Sikka district, and the second is in the airport district in Al-Aroui city.

While the security forces begin to search and investigate the circumstances of the event, the circumstances and causes of the death of the three people in one day remain unknown at the time of writing these lines.

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