holy and crazy

Your body is a statue of a Greek goddess whose name or glorious story no one in the Alps has ever heard. Your body was always babbling, but suddenly it lost its tongue and became speechless. Today, there is no difference between his movements and his stillness. Every action he performs has become mechanical and lifeless, like the snail crawling through his arteries. All of its limbs breathed freely, and its powerful flow was always unrestrained. Your body used to set everything on fire at all times, so what has put out its fires today?

Your face is a plate. An enchanting picture was painted in the niches of beauty, but it has no identity, no signature. Your face has no special expression, and it resembles innumerable faces, and has nothing to distinguish it from them. A reserved face, as if she was afraid that a secret would be revealed to her, even though she had lost all her secrets one by one. Are you still able to recognize and recognize your face in the mirror?

Your eyes are a chameleon that changes color constantly, and a forest drops its long branches and casts a shadow. Your eyes know, better than anyone, that they have lost their penetrating gaze, and have wandered the path of wandering their wonderfully cunning gaze. Deep within her, spring gave her arrival to harsh autumn, and he sat, meekly and utterly unconcerned, watching what he did with her. Who, you see, has a satisfying answer to the question: How did that bright gleam in your eyes fade?

Your smile is a pearl that shines like a sun that revives the earth from its perch, after a long absence, on a rainy winter day. You always smile until it seems like you never stop smiling. Every time, it seems that you are standing in front of a professional photographer who is about to take the most beautiful of all your photos. You had the Mona Lisa smile in the mystery of it, its depth and the confusion it creates in the eyes and awareness of whoever looks at it. It has become clear that the era of the Mona Lisa smile is over. For God’s sake, why is your smile so dull and icy and cold?

Your hair is long, thick and soft. Wherever he goes, he attracts attention, seduces people and arouses jealousy and even envy. But when you rolled it on your head, with the genius of a grape, it was like a gigantic snake. Snake just devoured prey and was resting. That day your hair was more vibrant and alive. And when you brushed it with your fingers and got it dirty, it was really crazy. What’s driving your hair crazy?

Your words are elegant and balanced. That is sure. However, it no longer needs interpretations, as it was, it is no longer layered with meanings, it is no longer suffused with humor and manipulation of words. And if it’s grandfather’s time, Athena herself gives you the right to speak in her name and in her language. Your speech became superficial the day it lost its special tone, its unique syntax, its magical effect and its persuasive power. Oh my God, where did your words take her soul?

Your dress is beautiful and carefully selected. Each dress is tastefully tailored and sewn. You may not remember how elegant you looked in that long, pale green dress, open at the bottom left, adorned with little white roses every time she turned her head in a different direction, and her little black legs with two little leaves, embracing your graceful body until an anklet bordered it in white silver at your ivory feet. There is no doubt that all your dresses nowadays are much more beautiful and more expensive, but why are you not in any of them, as before, really charming?

Your perfume smells from afar. One imagines you, coming or going, a fragrant flower of a rare kind, or even an entire field of lavender. However, your perfume is quickly forgotten as soon as you leave. It does not irritate the body, does not penetrate cells, does not circulate in the blood and does not arouse the curiosity of the imagination. Your perfume today lacks the mysterious and enigmatic character of your old perfume, which made it an inexhaustible source of inspiration and creativity. Now I think I have the answer to the question: Why does your perfume no longer drool and give free rein to the imagination?

Your soul is an unknown land surrounded by thick black clouds, and many seas whose winds have not been crossed by ships. He was most likely sold to Satan. No one knows what the hell he is. There must be some sort of relationship between you and Faust, the details of which have yet to be revealed. He was a happy, innocent soul, white as a painter’s painting first thing in the morning. What evil has hit your soul?

your photos of life Images of happiness extended without interruption. Everything indicates it, and confirms it, as if each time it needed confirmation. However, there is a mask that exposes and does not cover. A transparent mask reveals that behind is what is behind, and behind is nothing but emptiness. A mask that does not give answers, but raises many questions, including: Why does everything testify that your happiness is painful and painful?

You were a saint and a madman. It is very rare that poise and recklessness, stability and adventure, calm and storms, and a smooth transition from one opposite to another, are found in one woman. Such a woman increases the amount of femininity in the world with her presence, and decreases it if something bad happens to her. A woman like her always makes “life rosy”. Trump’s Louis Armstrong, and his deep voice, could never lie about it.

You are no longer a saint, or a madman, or that magical combination of the two. Nobody knows what really happened, what is happening or what will happen next. I can’t help but sigh, and my sorrow is blackened by pain. It really hurts me that the more beautiful you are, by common and vulgar standards, the more you lose your unique charm, and the extent of femininity in you is severely restricted and quickly withdrawn, frightening and frightening.