Front rejects accusations of extremism and closure

"Front" She rejects accusations of extremism and closure
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Tuesday 23 August 2022 – 06:16

The Amazigh Action Front in the eastern region denounced the content of a statement attributed to one of the associations, following the uproar caused by Hama al-Shaabi, located in the Driouch region, pointing out that the statement was loaded with serious accusations accusing residents of extremism, extremism and seclusion.Hama.

The same front clarified, in the statement reached by Hespress, that the complaints of incitement to hatred, discrimination, extremism and closure are false and false, and mere illusions and fallacies that do not reflect the reality of the contents of the alleged cartel that regulates procedures of entry and exit to Hama according to the controls of the local Amazigh customs.

The same source added that the rural population is characterized by its conservative character and its Amazigh peculiarity, in which the “Izran” customs, through the historical extension of the Kingdom of Morocco, have formed important aspects in the organization of public life. of the Berber tribes. .

The document stressed that Amazigh customs were historically the bulwark against manifestations of extremism and values ​​of seclusion imported and alien to the cultural depth of the Kingdom of Morocco.

The Amazigh Action Front considered that the content of the message addressed to the soil officials are false accusations that are not based on historical, scientific and realistic facts, with the aim of distorting the Moroccan identity, which allows the values ​​of moderation and moderation.

The same source emphasized that Berber customs are an integral part of the Moroccan collective consciousness, which many have tried to eradicate in the past under flimsy pretexts. This is what some are trying to take back now, and failure will be their ally just like those who came before them, emphasizing that the region needs empty deals as much as real, sustainable development.

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