Al-Bayda security investigates the murder of a tourist in a hotel

Al-Bayda security investigates the murder of a tourist in a hotel
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Tuesday 23 August 2022 – 14:23

The judicial police force of the Anfa security area in Casablanca opened, on Tuesday morning, a judicial investigation under the supervision of the competent Prosecutor’s Office, in order to determine the criminal acts attributed to seven people who worked in an establishment hotelier suspected of being involved in a case involving beatings and injuries resulting in death.

A security source explained to Hespress that the security services had received a notification about the death of a foreign tourist of Arab nationality after being subjected to violence by employees of a hotel establishment on the city’s coastal strip, due to a accidental dispute to enter a nightclub belonging to said tourist institution, which required the body to be deposited in the hospital, subject to a medical autopsy and the opening of a judicial investigation with the suspects.

Three of the suspects were kept in theoretical custody, while another four were subjected to judicial investigation proceedings ordered by the competent Public Ministry, in order to determine all the circumstances, circumstances and motives for the commission of these criminal acts, as well as to monitor and determine the level and degree of involvement of each of them in contributing and participating in this case.

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