A call to open a judicial investigation in “Hamat Al Shaabi”

The Moroccan League for the Defense of Human Rights in the provinces of Nador and Darwish expressed its dissatisfaction with the content of the malicious message of the so-called “National Front for the Fight against Extremism and Terrorism” regarding the banner that organizes the time available for access Hama Chaabi, which is under the influence of the soil of the Ait Al-Saeed tribe, the Dar Al-Kebbani group, the Drioush region.

The League of Rights said, in a statement reached by Hespress, that Al-Hama is a small pool with a depth of 60 centimeters, with an area of ​​no more than 10 meters, into which hot water flows from the depths of the mountain, which is about 100 meters above sea level, intended to treat some skin diseases and joint diseases.

He added that the malicious message contained many inaccuracies, falsehoods, and the Hollywood formulation of Al-Qaeda and ISIS movies, as the banner organizing access to Al-Hama was considered a “terrorist act that spreads hate and discrimination.” , an extremist act and a strange destructive solution to the authorities, a terrible terrorist act, and normalization with extremism, and that its perpetrators are militias affiliated with an extremist party, and that the act is criminal terrorism and incitement to violence…” and others dangerous expressions that created resentment, panic and anxiety among the inhabitants of the region in general, who expressed their rejection of the way the letter was written and what it contained of epithets and accusations against the inhabitants of the region trying to contribute to the development of your region AND promoting medical tourism is already far from reality.

The same statement called on the authors of the letter to withdraw it and apologize to the people of the area and its inhabitants and respect their privacy and traditions, which have never harmed anyone or complained about terrorists and destroyers.

The same document issued by the Moroccan League for the Defense of Human Rights in the provinces of Nador and Darwish indicates that it has investigated the matter and has contacted several associations and residents of the region, who assure them that the cartel does not has nothing to do. to do with the beach; Rather, it is a tradition and custom inherited since independence and among the children and neighbors of Bani Said to regulate access to Hama and not to the beach, given the roughness of the roads that lead to it, as well as its narrow extension, which no Do not accommodate more than 10 people and the conservative nature of traditions, decency and dignity among the people of the region and its visitors, especially that the bearer of Hama Most of them go for treatment.

The same source stressed that the neighbors made it clear that, for decades, that is, from before independence until now, no one has complained about the matter and they did not consider it a restriction on anyone’s right, on the contrary, all visitors to Hama they praise the good reception and generosity of the people of the region, and are proud of the privacy of its conservative people attached to traditions and customs, who are not infringing, trespassing or violating the law. They also explained their feeling of intimidation and panic over the message from the front, which carried dangerous and provocative words that had nothing to do with reality, and that they did not even bother to ask about the location and privacy of the area.

The Moroccan League for the Defense of Human Rights considered that the vocabulary contained in the informative message is a dangerous incitement and support for racist ideas against the population of the region, and that what is expressed in it may have ideological motives that have nothing to do with to do with tolerance and rejection of terrorism, noting that the content of the message may be a mutation that has emerged in the face of a party that needs further indoctrination to understand the entity of tolerance and renunciation of extremism, and that the message as act while invoking the good will of its owners is a second side of the coin of exaggeration.

The League itself confirmed that the sign that regulates access to the hamma has nothing to do with the beach, and there is no prohibition, deprivation or complaints from the user of the hamah or the beach for any discriminatory practice or the prevention of a right, but rather it is only related to the privacy of the hamma and the customs and traditions inherited by the residents of the region.

The human rights organization itself denounced the prejudice contained in the message, smelling the odor of racism, and drawing attention to the peculiarities, customs and traditions of each region of our beloved Morocco, and epithets to the people of the region that make them in terrorists, criminals and extremist militias; They are accusations of complete ignorance of the region and of the reality of Hama. In this context, the authorities rush to remove the sign that specifies the times marked by a local custom that has nothing to do with terrorism, extremism and discrimination. of genre.