The fires in Morocco… the army and the “Kanadir” flights in front of the fires, on the outskirts of Ifrane

The fires in Morocco... the army and the flights "Canada" Facing the fire, the outskirts of Ifrane
Photos: Hespress

Monday 22 August 2022 – 20:00

Local sources reported that firefighting teams were racing against the clock to control a large fire that broke out on Monday in the vast thickets that extend into the “Mlitier” mountain, which belongs to the land of influence of the Ben Samim group, which is located not far from the entertainment airport and the tourist town of Ifrane.

Hespress sources said that after controlling the first spark of this fire, which was recorded in the early hours of this morning, the fire reignited, and at a later time, in the same place due to strong local winds, which caused the fire spreads, and more fiercely, to other foci in the region.

The same sources indicated that the effort of the firefighters, made up of civil protection elements, the Royal Gendarmerie, the auxiliary forces, the local authority, workshop workers and volunteers, was reinforced by the intervention of members of the Royal Armed Forces of Morocco.

The newspaper’s sources also highlighted that two specialized firefighting planes, of the “Kandir” type, began their firefighting flights in order to help speed up the process of trapping the flames, before they spread to the neighboring cedar and oak forests.

The same sources confirmed that the firefighting teams were able to control a large part of this fire, noting that some nomads were evacuated from the vicinity of the fire, that they were building tents to stay in with members of their families, as well as cutting off traffic on the highway linking the towns of Ifrane and Al-Hajeb in the face of traffic movement.

This fire, according to sources in the newspaper, has occurred over large areas of scrub, formed by different dwarf trees (crujías and sedges), as well as scattered forest trees (cedars) throughout the area affected by the flames, highlighting that the thick smoke , resulting from this fire, covered a wide area of ​​the sky.

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